2022 Online Vendor Show





Benefits of the Online Vendor Show:

🌸 Your Vendor Booth is listed on Google, Yahoo and Bing where millions of customers are searching the internet for what you have to offer!
🌸 Complete Step by Step Marketing Plan with proven strategies to grow your business.
🌸 Includes a Social Media Marketing Planner so you can create your Action Plan and see your daily tasks at a glance.
🌸 Personalized Vendor Booth with your Website, Facebook Business Page, Business info and 1 image.
🌸 Your Vendor Booth is shared on my Authority Website and Ranked Social Media Profiles! (Backlinks!!!)
🌸 Nominal fee of just $5 a month paid in advance for the Annual Event. (Less than the price of lunch to build your business!)

You will submit your Business info with the instructions provided on the Checkout Page. You can choose to have your Booth listed in a US State Event, a Canada Event or a UK Event on the Submission Form.

Who Am I?
2022 Online Vendor Show
Hi! I’m April Dennis! I own Online Vendor Shows, Direct Sales Rep Network and Social Coach Marketing, LLC, a Social Media Marketing Agency Licensed with the State of Colorado. I have an EIN from the Federal Government, and I am Verified by Facebook and PayPal. I am a Certified Business Coach and I have been building businesses online for over 20 years! I teach Lady Bosses how to scale their Coaching, Consulting or Direct Sales Business with Support, Systems and Automations so they can have a successful business that they love!

You CAN be wildly successful! Follow the instructions in your included Marketing Plan for simple ways to take your business to the next level! These methods work because this is how the internet works! You can have a business you are proud of! All it takes is a few simple steps every day to get your name out there! You can do this!

10 Reasons to Join an Online Vendor Event!
1. Your Booth is ALWAYS OPEN!
2. No setting up and breaking down your booth.
3. You don’t have to be present so you save time, gas, and money.
4. No Rainouts or Bad Weather!
5. Your Booth is on the Search Engines! The more times the search engines find your business listed the higher it ranks you!
6. Increase brand awareness!
7. Build trust with brand followers!
8. Create brand advocates!
9. Increase new leads for sale of products and services!
10. Make more money!

How Does This Work?
Your Vendor Booth is posted on the Online Vendor Shows website in the Event for your state getting your business ranked on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Your Booth is also shared on our TwitterPinterestLinkedIn, and Facebook Business Page increasing your brand awareness.

*Make sure you Add Our Email to your Verified Senders Contacts list. Learn how here: https://onlinevendorshows.com/email-whitelist/

If you would like to make Payment through Facebook, Venmo or CashApp instead, message me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onlinevendorshows/

We accept all reps here through the power of Social Media Marketing! There could be 1000 of the same rep and they will all have different results according to what they put into it. There is room for everyone to be successful.
Each rep will use different keywords, will share in different places and some will not do anything at all. You will not be in the same social circle nor be in exact same Facebook groups, etc.
If a rep follows the Marketing Plan, they will get amazing results from their efforts, it doesn’t have anything to do with how many other reps there are here. Not every rep may be as dedicated as you are to grow their business.

Our Annual Online Vendor Shows started in 2014 and in that time I have had reps on the 1st page of Google and I have had reps not even read their Booth info email. Which one are you? Results will vary according to what you put into it. You will share your Booth on your own Social Medias and Facebook groups. We also have 50+ Facebook groups that you are welcome to join to promote your Booth. How much could your business grow if you had a Marketing Plan with Step by Step Instructions?

To JOIN click the Add To Cart button, the PayPal button, or the Credit/Debit card button. After you complete Payment you will be redirected to the Checkout page where you will find instructions on submitting your Booth details.

2022 Online Vendor Show