Makeover Your Year Goal Setting Course

Do you have hopes and dreams for the future but you struggle to figure out how to turn those dreams into realistic goals?
Have you tried to set goals in the past and been frustrated because you just can’t figure out how to follow through with them successfully?
Do you feel like life is overwhelming and exhausting but, as hard as you try, you just can’t ever seem to make much progress in the right direction?
We’re here to give you hope—and a step-by-step plan so you don’t have to keep living life feeling like you’re just spinning your wheels and getting nowhere!
Make Over Your Year is a simple, effective 4-week, hands-on course to help you take your big dreams and ideas and turn them into realistic goals and a doable action plan.

  • Company:Makeover Your Year Goal-Setting Course
  • Info:Whether you are single or married, this course is for you. We’ll be sharing inspiration and practical steps that anyone can follow through with. We’ve also included some additional specific encouragement for those who are goal-setting as a couple and Crystal will be addressing some of the specific struggles that moms of young kids might face.
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