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Welcome to Direct Sales Reps Events.

Who Are We?
We provide advertising for direct sales reps, independent consultants, party planners and home business owners. Our services are for building your business, your brand, your online social presence and getting your name out there at a cost far below what SEO companies charge.

How Does This Work?
Ads are posted here on this website in the Event for your state getting your business ranked on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Your ad is also shared on our Twitter, Google+ and Verified Facebook Business Page increasing your brand awareness.

Here are just some of the things our service provides:

  • Get targeted traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Your ad is shared on our Verified Facebook Business Page that is ranked by Google.
  • We Tweet your listing so your business can be found online.
  • Google+ your ad link increasing your online ranking
  • Link to your personal or replicated website to help you get more traffic.
  • Link to your Facebook business page or group to get more likes.
  • Help people looking for your products and business opportunity find you.
  • How Does This Benefit You?
    Direct Sales Reps Events can help boost traffic to your business through direct referrals and Google link juice – we provide a direct link to your website which Google loves!
    Getting your business listed on the internet creates a stronger online presence. The more times the search engines find your business listed the higher it ranks your business. Search engines are using location for search results now. What this means is if someone searches for Avon and lives in Alabama, ads with a location in Alabama will show first.
    SEO is a way of promoting your business on the internet by organically placing your website in front of targeted visitors looking on the search engines for your company and services. This is a very important and highly effective form of advertising. Proper SEO techniques can benefit your business tremendously. Build your business online and you can finally afford an incredible lifestyle.

    There is a limit of 1 Rep per Company per State Event. Events run for the entire year. The search engines like old links, so the longer your ad is active the better. Cost is $5 per month payable thru the end of the year. i.e Jan-Dec is $60, Aug-Dec is $25 and is TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

    Verify your state and business are available with the form below.

    • Example~ Ad on Facebook, Facebook group, Linkedin, Alignable, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
    • Enter your Business or Company
    • Enter the Event that you would like your Booth listed in. We have an Event for each State in the US, an Event for Canada, and an Event for UK.
    • This is the title that everyone sees on the Search Engines and Social Media Profiles. DO NOT put your URL Link here. This should be 1 sentence with keywords for your business. NOT 4 Sentences that you make into 1 sentence with commas!
    • Enter your ad here. It should be at least 5 sentences with lots of keywords for your business. This shows on your Booth page with your logo and links. To make a great ad you can Google the name of your company and then pull the descriptions of the top 5 or so search results and mash them together into a unique description.
    • Enter your FULL website url i.e.
      This MUST be entered in the correct format. It MUST start with http://, NOT Http:// or www. If you do not have a website you can use a Social Media like Twitter or Pinterest.
    • Use this slot if your website link will not work in the above Website slot.
    • Only enter what is after i.e my page link is so I would only enter directsalesrepsevents
      Do NOT enter your Page Name, you must put this info correctly.
    • This shows on the State Event page with your logo. Enter 1-2 sentences about you and/or your business. NOT 4-10 sentences that you put commas in to make it 2 sentences.
    • Upload your logo. It must be at least 200x200 to show on Social Media. If the upload fails, your image is too large. Use to make it a smaller file. You can not upload a video here, it must be an image.
      Max. file size: 200 MB.

    Do you know the steps to take to make your business successful? Read Direct Sales Reps Events eBook for Tips and Tricks on How to Beat Your Competition and Win at Direct Sales!

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